Welcome to the Norfolk Cottage Garden Seeds & Plants Shop This is an alphabetical listing of all the cottage garden plants.

At times, especially during the summer, plants may be cut back or pinched out if they are too far advanced to ship whole. This encourages annuals and biennials to produce extra flowering stems, so no bad thing! Perennials will establish well for next year, but may or may not flower this year, depending on species. In some instances top growth may be woody or sparce (e.g. Anthemis tinctoria), but don't worry, the plants are perfectly healthy and will soon produce fresh foliage! Please contact me if you would like to enquire about specific plants.

Alcea rugosa NCG 590 Alcea rugosa
Seed 1 packet - 30 seeds


Russian hollyhock, Yellow fig-leaved hollyhock

Very unusual hollyhock!

Hollyhocks, although strictly speaking perennials, are usually grown as biennials, chiefly because they are susceptible to rust. However, this pale-yellow-flowered variety, with fig-leaf shaped foliage, is said to be a true perennial, being less prone to rust. The flowers are distinctive in that, unlike other hollyhocks, they have a lobed…

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Alchemilla alpina NCG 585 Alchemilla alpina
Plant 1 x young plant (equiv. 9cm pot)
Very limited stock

Alpine lady's mantle

My favourite alchemilla - the delicate, deeply cut, silver edged leaves of this small plant are altogether more refined than those of other varieties. Lovely at the front of the border and useful in containers. Sprays of tiny yellow-green flowers on wiry stems appear in spring and summer.

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Alchemilla erythropoda AGM NCG 313 Alchemilla erythropoda AGM
Plant 1 x young plant (9cm pot)
Very limited stock

Alpine alchemilla, Dwarf lady's mantle

Limited stock

Much daintier than the familiar Alchemilla mollis, this miniature variety looks lovely at the front of the border or in containers. Sprays of tiny yellow-green flowers on short, wiry, reddish stems appear in spring and summer.

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Allium caeruleum NCG 672 Allium caeruleum
Blue globe onion, Blue-of-the-heavens, Blue-flowered garlic

Currently unavailable - coming later

Small, clear-blue globes of loveliness! The blooms appear in late-spring to early summer on straight, slender stems. The foliage dies down before the flowers appear. I hope to offer seeds later in 2016.

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Allium  cristophii AGM NCG 095 Allium cristophii AGM
Seed 1 packet - 50 seeds approx


Star of Persia

Beautiful giant orbs of lilac flowers are followed by exquisite spherical seed heads and are wonderful for dried flower arrangements. The dried stems are very weak; the solution is to very carefully push a slender woody stem (I use willow) or heavy wire down the stem, preferably while it is…

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Allium  fistulosum NCG 007 Allium fistulosum
Seed 1 packet


Welsh Onion, Bunching Onion

A non-bulbing 'bunching onion' that is useful when just a hint of onion is required. An attractive plant that can be grown in an ornamental bed. Bees and other beneficial insects love it!

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Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation' AGM NCG 435 Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation' AGM
Ornamental Onion 'Purple Sensation'

Seeds sold out for now

The perfect choice for hot and dry conditions, this beautiful allium looks wonderful planted in drifts. The umbels of rich, purple flowers are 3 inches across and borne on strong, upright stems.

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Allium hollandicum Syn. aflatunense NCG 681 Allium hollandicum Syn. aflatunense
Seed 1 x packet (30 seeds approx.)


Persian onion

The seeds offered have been collected from particularly rich-magenta flowers. The 3 inch globes have prominent stamens and look wonderful grown en masse!

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Allium moly NCG 784 Allium moly
Plant 9 cm pot (10 bulbs)
Limited stock! Delivery Feb-March

Yellow garlic

Clusters of golden-yellow, starry flowers adorn this lovely bulbous plant in late Spring to early Summer.

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Allium ostrowskianum syn. oreophilum NCG 785 Allium ostrowskianum syn. oreophilum
Plant 9 cm pot (10 bulbs)
Limited stock! Delivery Feb-March

Mountain lover, Pink lily leek

Description coming soon.

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Allium schubertii AGM NCG 343 Allium schubertii AGM
Seed 1 packet - 30 seeds


Persian onion, Schubert's onion, Tumbleweed onion

Looking for all the world like fireworks, giant orbs of lilac flowers are followed by exquisite seed heads that and are wonderful for dried flower arrangements. The dried stems are very weak; the solution is to very carefully push a slender woody stem (I use willow) or heavy wire down…

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Allium ursinum NCG 721 Allium ursinum
Seed 1 packet - 40 seeds approx.
Limited stock

Ransoms, Wild garlic

The wide, bright green leaves of this pretty woodland plant have a mild garlic flavour and can be used in salads. In spring it produces attractive heads of small white flowers - which are also edible, as are the shoots, stems, roots and seeds! Ransoms require shady, moist conditions.

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Allium vineale NCG 401 Allium vineale
Seed 1 packet - 60 bulbils approx.


Crow garlic

Although crow garlic is often considered a weed (the bulbils produced at the tip of the stems fall to the ground and can cause it to spread rather too eagerly!), if you don't have space to grow proper garlic but would like to add a hint of fresh garlic to…

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Alonsoa warscewiczii NCG 451 Alonsoa warscewiczii
Seed 1 packet - 200 seeds approx.

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Plant 5 x large plug plants
Delivery April-May 2018

Mask flower

Highly recommended!

A native of Peru, this is one of my favourite discoveries! The stems of this tender perennial are strong and wiry and the small leaves are a rich green. The flowers, which are about an inch across and rich vermillion-red, opening from sweet little pouch-like buds, are produced in profusion…

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Alstroemeria Ex. Orange NCG 600 Alstroemeria Ex. Orange
Peruvian Lily

Currently unavailable

Alstromeria with their bright, beautifully marked, lily-like blooms, look far too exotic for our climate but they are hardy plants that will survive in almost any situation.

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Alstroemeria Ligtu Hybrids NCG 610 Alstroemeria Ligtu Hybrids
Peruvian lily

Currently unavailable

Flowers in a range of colours, from white through warm yellows, oranges and reds to shades of pink, on strong, straight stems with glossy foliage. Prefers soil that is not too limey.

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Alstroemeria psittacina 'Mona Lisa' NCG 462 Alstroemeria psittacina 'Mona Lisa'
Plant 1 x young plant (9cm pot)
Limited stock

Lily of the Incas, Peruvian Lily, Parrot lily


Unlike many other Peruvian lilies, 'Mona Lisa' is known to come true from seed. It makes a wonderful cut flower (if you can bear to remove it from the garden!), with large heads of dark-red, speckled flowers with tinges of green on strong, straight stems with glossy foliage. Prefers soil…

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Ammi majus NCG 088 Ammi majus
False Bishop's Weed, Herb William

Currently unavailable

Rather like cow parsley, but both flowers and foliage are much finer. This annual is a very useful filler plant for flower arrangers and is very attractive to bees. Plant en masse for best effect. A similar, but less well known plant (in my opinion far superior, and a perennial…

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Ampelopsis glandulosa var. brevipedunculata NCG 148 Ampelopsis glandulosa var. brevipedunculata
Seed 1 packet - 6 seeds


Porcelain berry

Lovely climber for a warm wall!

This vine-like plant is attractive in all respects, but particularly for its stunningly coloured berries, which range from soft blue-green through turquoise to purple. It grows vigorously in the right conditions. Positioning on a sheltered south-facing wall in poorish soil and restricting root growth gives the best environment for reliable…

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Amsonia tabernaemontana NCG 574 Amsonia tabernaemontana
Seed 1 x packet (12 seeds)


Rhazya, Eastern Bluestar

A clump-forming perennial with willowy, dark green leaves and clusters of sky-blue, starry flowers in spring and summer.

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