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At times, especially during the summer, plants may be cut back or pinched out if they are too far advanced to ship whole. This encourages annuals and biennials to produce extra flowering stems, so no bad thing! Perennials will establish well for next year, but may or may not flower this year, depending on species. In some instances top growth may be woody or sparce (e.g. Anthemis tinctoria), but don't worry, the plants are perfectly healthy and will soon produce fresh foliage! Please contact me if you would like to enquire about specific plants.

Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' NCG 251 Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle'
Plant 1 x young plant (9cm pot)


Plant 1 x plant (Equiv. 1lt pot approx.)
Usually supplied bare-rooted

Hydrangea 'Annabelle', Sevenbark

I've never known anyone unfamiliar with this delightful plant not to request it when they see it in bloom in the garden! The domed flower heads are composed of masses of small blooms, lime green at first, turning creamy-white (and almost spherical) when in full bloom and a lovely parchment…

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Hyoscyamus niger NCG 026 Hyoscyamus niger
Seed 1 packet - 100 seeds approx.

Black Henbane, Stinking Nightshade

Black henbane produces soft, downly leaves and strange, but beautiful, pale creamy-yellow flowers intricately veined in purple. The seed pods are also rather attractive; they have a little round lid which falls off when the pods are ripe, releasing the seeds. All parts of the plant are toxic.


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Lamium galeobdolon subsp. Argentatum NCG 439 Lamium galeobdolon subsp. Argentatum
Seed 1 packet - 50 seeds approx.


Variegated Yellow Archangel

A small, variegated nettle with spikes of yellow flowers. A good choice for woodland planting or at the front of shady borders.

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Lamium maculatum 'Beacon Silver' NCG 579 Lamium maculatum 'Beacon Silver'
Spotted dead nettle 'Beacon Silver'

Sold out for now

This lovely, low-growing ground cover plant has a spreading habit, but is relatively easy to keep in check. The heavily marked foliage is delightful, and the plant has the added bonus of pink flowers. Best grown in shade or part-shade and will happily tolerate both dry and wet soils.

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Lathyrus chloranthus NCG 033 Lathyrus chloranthus
Seed 1 packet - 12 seeds


Yellow Sweet Pea

Unusual yellow sweet pea!

An unusual species sweet pea, the small, unscented flowers are green-yellow. I often grow them up loose wigwams made from buddelia sticks inserted into large tubs, underplanted with lobelia, small antirrhinums and perhaps a lantana in the middle. They are also happy scrambling up trellis.

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Lupinus arboreus alba NCG 494 Lupinus arboreus alba
White Tree Lupin

Currently unavailable

This variety of tree lupin bears masses of beautiful white flower spikes in early summer. Although generally short-lived, plants produced from early-spring sowings can attain 2m in their first year, so casualties can be replaced very easily.

NOTE: Externally sourced seeds.

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Lycopersicon esculentum 'Marmande' NCG 103 Lycopersicon esculentum 'Marmande'
Seed 1 packet - 12 seeds


Tomato 'Marmande'

Medium-sized beefsteak-type tomatoes growing on sturdy vines. A wonderful, full flavour... an essential ingredient for authentic Mediterranean-style recipes and salads!

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Lycopersicon esculentum 'Sun Gold' NCG 106 Lycopersicon esculentum 'Sun Gold'
Tomato 'Sun Gold'

Currently unavailable

The small, golden yellow fruits are sweet and juicy. It's just as well that they fruit prolifically, because it is difficult to pass by the greeenhouse in summer without snacking!

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Macleaya microcarpa 'Kelway's Coral Plume' AGM NCG 329 Macleaya microcarpa 'Kelway's Coral Plume' AGM
Plant 1 x plant (bare-rooted)
Equiv. 1 litre pot approx.

Plant 1 x bare rooted plant
Equiv. 2 litre pot approx.

Plume Poppy

Currently unavailable

Description coming soon.

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Maianthemum dilatatum NCG 299 Maianthemum dilatatum
Plant 1 x plant (9cm pot or equiv.)
Very limited stock

False Lily-of-the-Valley

Very limited stock

False Lily-of-the-Valley has beautiful, heart-shaped, mid-green leaves, which are shiny and textured with deep veins. Slender spikes bearing waxy, creamy-white blooms appear in Spring and early Summer, followed by green berries, which later turn translucent red. Prefers shade and nitrogen-rich soil, making this a good plant for underplanting in woodland…

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Nectaroscordum siculum NCG 215 Nectaroscordum siculum
Seed 1 packet - 30 seeds
Limited stock

Mediterranean Bells, Sicilian Honey Lily, Ornamental Onion, Sicilian Garlic

Very limited stock!

A fascinating plant! Clusters of waxy, bell-shaped flowers in shades of cream, pink and green appear in early summer, dangling on tall, slender stems. As the seed pods develop the flowers turn upwards. In some European countries the plant is more likely to be found in the vegetable plot than…

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Nicotiana alata Ex. 'Lime Green' AGM NCG 365 Nicotiana alata Ex. 'Lime Green' AGM
Seed 1 packet - 100 seeds approx.


Tobacco plant, lime green

A most unusual take on the familiar tobacco plant, this variety produces masses of rich, acid-green flowers. Mine are planted in a fairly shady area where they do very well, adding a touch of brightness throughout the summer and well into autumn. A good cut flower if you can bear…

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Ocimum basilicum 'Sweet Genovese' (Organic) NCG 209 Ocimum basilicum 'Sweet Genovese' (Organic)
Seed 1 packet - 200 seeds approx.


Basil 'Sweet Genovese'

Almost everyone must be familiar with this very aromatic basil variety, with its large, green cushion-leaved foliage. For companion planting enthusiasts, basil is said to encourage the growth of tomatoes, peppers and chillies (and of course it is also a perfect companion in the kitchen for these and many other…

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Oryza sativa 'Black Madras' NCG 364 Oryza sativa 'Black Madras'
Ornamental Black Rice

Currently unavailable

Dynamic and much recommended, this ornamental rice adds a touch of the Orient, whether used in containers or to add accent in borders. The colour is a deep puple - almost black. Do ensure that adequate water is provided - rice, of course, grows with its feet in the water!

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Persicaria virginiana 'Lance Corporal' NCG 498 Persicaria virginiana 'Lance Corporal'
Seed 1 packet - 30 seeds approx.


Plant 1 x plant (9cm pot)


Virginia knotweed, Jumpseed 'Lance Corporal'

New variety - highly recommended!

An interesting shrubby perennial with strong, v-shaped markings (looking rather like bats), which are dark brownish-red - sometimes almost black - on a bright green ground. In the autumn delicate spikes of bright-crimson flowers appear on thin, wiry stems. Although it is recommended to grow in part or full shade…

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Petroselinum crispum var. crispum NCG 153 Petroselinum crispum var. crispum
Curly Leaved Parsley

Currently unavailable

This variety of parsley forms bright green clumps of tightly crinkled leaves. No doubt everyone will be familiar with its use as a garnish in diverse situations (including, traditionally, the butcher's shop window - although often as plastic replicas!) and as a vital ingredient in stocks, soups and stews. Parsley…

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Petroselinum crispum var. neapolitanum AGM NCG 041 Petroselinum crispum var. neapolitanum AGM
Seed 1 packet


Flat-leaved parsley

Sow wherever you have spare ground that retains moisture and provides some shade and you will have an almost continual supply of this verstile, vitamin C-packed herb throughout most of the year. A ridiculously simple, refreshing and healthy salad idea: finely chop a large handful of parsley and mix with…

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Phytolacca acinosa (a.k.a. americana) NCG 201 Phytolacca acinosa (a.k.a. americana)
Seed 1 packet - 100 seeds approx.
Please read notes before ordering!

Plant 1 x plant (equiv. 9cm pot)
Please read notes before ordering!

Indian (a.k.a. American) Pokeweed, Inkberry, Pidgeonberry

Although invariably referred to as American pokeweed (P. americana), the variety seen in UK gardens is almost certainly Indian pokeweed (P. asinosa). Both look very similar, but P. acinosa has vertical upright inflorescences, whilst P. americana has lax flower stems, single spherical fruits rather than clusters - and is not…

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Ratibida mexicana NCG 591 Ratibida mexicana
Mexican hat, Prairie coneflower

Sold out for now

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Rudbeckia hirta 'Prairie Sun' NCG 077 Rudbeckia hirta 'Prairie Sun'
Black-eyed Susan, Coneflower, Gloriosa Daisy

Sorry - out of stock!

The 'eyes' of this stunning Black-eyed Susan are in fact a striking lime green, surrounded by rich deep-yellow petals radiating out to pale yellow at the tips. A studding addition to the summer hot bed and a wonderful cut flower! Happiest in full sun, but will tolerate part shade.

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