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At times, especially during the summer, plants may be cut back or pinched out if they are too far advanced to ship whole. This encourages annuals and biennials to produce extra flowering stems, so no bad thing! Perennials will establish well for next year, but may or may not flower this year, depending on species. In some instances top growth may be woody or sparce (e.g. Anthemis tinctoria), but don't worry, the plants are perfectly healthy and will soon produce fresh foliage! Please contact me if you would like to enquire about specific plants.

Acer griseum AGM NCG 080 Acer griseum AGM
Seed 1 packet - 12 seeds


Paper Bark Maple

Sow immediately!

A small to medium sized ornamental tree which lends interest to the garden at all times of year. Small, yellow flowers appear in spring, followed by fresh green foliage in spring and summer, then spectacular orange, red and pink autumn foliage in autumn. At all times of year the chestnut-red…

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Alstroemeria Ex. Orange NCG 600 Alstroemeria Ex. Orange
Peruvian Lily

Currently unavailable

Alstromeria with their bright, beautifully marked, lily-like blooms, look far too exotic for our climate but they are hardy plants that will survive in almost any situation.

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Alstroemeria Ligtu Hybrids NCG 610 Alstroemeria Ligtu Hybrids
Seed 1 packet - 12 seeds


Peruvian lily

Limited stock

Flowers in a range of colours, from white through warm yellows, oranges and reds to shades of pink, on strong, straight stems with glossy foliage. Prefers soil that is not too limey.

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Antirrhinum majus, mixed NCG 008 Antirrhinum majus, mixed
Seed 1 packet


Seed 1 x packet
Ex. Pale yellow

Seed 1 x packet
Ex. Rich red

Snapdragon, mixed

Although usually perennial, antirrhinums are generally treated as annuals. This is a mixture in many colours and heights, from medium-sized to dwarf (usually distinguishable early in their lives by small leaves, and tending to a trailing habit, making them a useful in hanging baskets). A children's favourite! NOTE: Separate colours…

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Begonia sutherlandii NCG 863 Begonia sutherlandii
Plant 9 baby tubers
Please see notes.

Sutherland begonia

Lovely in hanging baskets and containers, this very pretty trailing begonia was introduced to the UK from Natal in the mid 19th century. It produces masses of tiny orange flowers all summer beneath, small, rich-green, toothed leaves. They are likely to survive winters outside in milder areas, but it is…

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Belamcanda chinensis NCG 381 Belamcanda chinensis
Seed 1 packet - 12 seeds


Leopard lily


This most attractive perennial, which bears vividly orange blooms with dark spots, is a member of the Iris family. A lovely addition to a sunny hot bed, where it thrives even in quite arid conditions, although it will also tolerate light shade. A plant that is very easy to grow…

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Calendula officinalis NCG 049 Calendula officinalis
Seed 1 packet, mixed colours


Pot Marigold

A colouful addition to salads!

One of the most recognisable and popular cottage garden plants, this Calendula mixture will light up the garden for many months with an abundance of yellow and orange blooms, some double. Makes a nice addition to small flower arrangements, so cut often to encourage repeat flowering and to keep the…

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Calendula officinalis 'Sunset Buff' NCG 551 Calendula officinalis 'Sunset Buff'
Seed 1 x packet (50 seeds approx.)


Pot marigold 'Sunset Buff'

A variation on one of the most recognisable and popular cottage garden plants, 'Sunset Buff' produces double (and perhaps the occasional single) flowers in soft, peachy tones with red backs. Makes a nice addition to small flower arrangements, so cut often to encourage repeat flowering and to keep the plants…

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Campsis radicans NCG 677 Campsis radicans
Trumpet vine

Sold out for now - more later!

Sold out, but I can usually source young plants direct from the garden to order, so please contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

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Chaenomeles  speciosa 'Geisha Girl' AGM NCG 086 Chaenomeles speciosa 'Geisha Girl' AGM
Ornamental Quince

Currently unavailable

A very attractive and useful hardy, semi-evergreen shrub with masses of soft peach flowers in Spring. Easy to grow and well worth trying. Flowers are nectar-rich so attractive to bees. Also makes a good hedging plant.

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Clivia miniata NCG 744 Clivia miniata
Seed 1 x packet (3 seeds)


Kaffir lily, Natal lily

A dynamic flowering houseplant native to South Africa, Clivia miniata is a rewarding plant to grow. Equally attractive when in its dormant stage, with broad, arching, spear-shaped leaves, but coming into its own when the flowers, which last for weeks, put on a show! Highly recommended.

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Cosmea sulphureus 'Bright Lights' NCG 178 Cosmea sulphureus 'Bright Lights'
Seed 1 packet - 50 seeds approx.


Cosmos 'Bright Lights'

Flowers in shades from pale yellow through to deep orange, about 4cm across, borne on stems with attractive divided leaves. Pinch out young plants to encourage branching. May need some support.

Jumbo plug plants, when available, will be ready to plant out but may need some protection from slugs, etc.…

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Craspedia globosa 'Drumstick' NCG 301 Craspedia globosa 'Drumstick'
Seed 1 packet - 50 seeds approx.
Limited stock

Billy Balls, Billy Buttons

Originating in Australia, where it is perennial, this quirky hardy annual has a long flowering period, producing bright-yellow, ping pong-shaped flower clusters (glomerules), about an inch in diameter, on strong, straight, unbranched stems rising from basal rosettes of leaves. Excellent for use in both fresh and dried flower arrangements.

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Crocosmia paniculata x fucata NCG 363 Crocosmia paniculata x fucata

I don't know where this variety of crocosmia came from... it seems to have appeared out of nowhere, but was probably given to me by my mother or one of her gardener friends. It has possibly been sitting there, sulking for years, but this year the hot bed has been…

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Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'Burford Bronze' NCG 578 Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'Burford Bronze'
Plant 5 x corms


Monbretia 'Burford Bronze'

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Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'George Davison' NCG 056 Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'George Davison'
Plant 5 x corms


Montbretia, Crocosmia 'George Davison'

A lovely, sunny plant with sprays of rich-yellow flowers which open sequentially and are borne on arching stems above long, strap-like foliage. Flowers are followed by attractive tapering seed heads.

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Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'Lucifer' AGM NCG 061 Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'Lucifer' AGM
Seed 1 packet - 50 seeds approx.


Plant 5 x large corms


Montbretia, Crocosmia

A stunning plant with flame-red sprays of flowers which open sequentially and are borne on arching stems above long, strap-like foliage. Flowers are followed by attractive tapering seed heads.

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Digitalis ferruginea gigantea 'Gelber Herold' NCG 620 Digitalis ferruginea gigantea 'Gelber Herold'
Seed 1 packet - 100 seeds approx


Rusty foxglove 'Gelber Herold'

Rare and beautiful!

A tall, dynamic variety of rusty foxglove that looks spectacular when grown en masse! Much recommended, but please note that although classified as a perennial, it is generally short-lived and shorter in stature in subsequent years if it does survive, so it is best to sow every year.

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Digitalis obscura NCG 455 Digitalis obscura
Willow-leaved foxglove, Dusky maid, Sunset foxglove

Currently unavailable

This rare and most striking, foxglove originates from the mountains of Spain and is also found in parts of Africa. Generally a little shorter than most other digitalis varieties, the flowers are exquisitely coloured in shades of russet, burnt-orange and red, complemented by evergreen, narrow-leaved foliage. In the right environment…

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Digitalis parviflora Jacq. NCG 362 Digitalis parviflora Jacq.
Seed 1 packet - 100 seeds approx.


Chocolate Soldier, Small-flowered foxglove

Plants sold out - can grow to order

A most unusual foxglove, and like most digitalis, usually treated as a biennial, although it can survive as a short-lived perennial. This variety produces flower spikes of densely-packed, chocolate-coloured, tubular flowers about 2cm in length, above basal rosettes of attractive, slightly glossy, dark-green foliage. It will happily self-seed in a…

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