Welcome to the Norfolk Cottage Garden Seeds & Plants Shop This is an alphabetical listing of all the cottage garden plants.

At times, especially during the summer, plants may be cut back or pinched out if they are too far advanced to ship whole. This encourages annuals and biennials to produce extra flowering stems, so no bad thing! Perennials will establish well for next year, but may or may not flower this year, depending on species. In some instances top growth may be woody or sparce (e.g. Anthemis tinctoria), but don't worry, the plants are perfectly healthy and will soon produce fresh foliage! Please contact me if you would like to enquire about specific plants.

Acanthus spinosus NCG 001 Acanthus spinosus
Seed 1 packet - 5 seeds


Bear's Britches

Dynamic - good in shade!

This stately, dramatic plant is happiest in full sun, but will also tolerate deep shade. Very useful cut flower, both fresh and dried. The flower spikes, with white blooms with purple bracts, appear above deeply divided dark green foliage.

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Acer griseum AGM NCG 080 Acer griseum AGM
Seed 1 packet - 12 seeds


Paper Bark Maple

Sow immediately!

A small to medium sized ornamental tree which lends interest to the garden at all times of year. Small, yellow flowers appear in spring, followed by fresh green foliage in spring and summer, then spectacular orange, red and pink autumn foliage in autumn. At all times of year the chestnut-red…

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Achillea millefolium NCG 233 Achillea millefolium
Seed 1 packet


Common Yarrow, Milfoil

A plant of many names! It has variously been called, Devil's Nettle, Hundred-leaved Grass, Lace Plant, Milfoil, Nose Pepper, Nosebleed, Sanguinarya and Soldier's Woundwort (to name just a few), some clearly referring to its medicinal properties, others to its appearance. Whilst many cultivars are available, this wild flower is white…

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Achillea millefolium, Pink NCG 638 Achillea millefolium, Pink
Seed 1 packet - 100 seeds approx.


Plant 1 x young plant (9cm pot)
Only a few available!

Pink yarrow

A cultivar of the familiar white or cream wild flower, with flat heads of tiny, deep-pink blooms with white eyes, held on wiry stems clothed in very fine, ferny, dark-green foliage. Attractive to bees, hoverflies and other beneficial insects.

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Achillea ptarmica 'The Pearl' NCG 456 Achillea ptarmica 'The Pearl'
Plant 1 x clump (equiv. 9-12 cm pot)
Sometimes bare-rooted

Sneezewort 'The Pearl'

'The Pearl' produces sprays of small, white, double flowers on wiry stems about 24 inches/60cm high, with narrow, toothed leaves. A spreading plant which is not too difficult to control in lighter soils. The blooms tend to last longer if the plant is sited in part shade, but full sunlight…

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Acis or Leucojum autumnalis Syn. autumnale NCG 399 Acis or Leucojum autumnalis Syn. autumnale
Plant 6 x bulbs (9cm pot)


Autumn Snowflake

Very special - bulbs now available!

Little white nodding bells on slender, red stems appear from late summer above bright-green, grass-like foliage. This is an attractive and unusual plant for the front of the border or in containers. Although said to prefer full sun, mine are in part shade and flourish there. Classified as half hardy,…

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Aconitum Carmichaelii Var. arendsii NCG 129 Aconitum Carmichaelii Var. arendsii
Seed 1 x packet (50 seeds approx)


Autumn-flowering monkshood, Chinese aconite

Full description to come, but please note: All parts of the plant are extremely toxic - it is highly advisable to wear gloves when handling and to wash hands if accidentally touched.

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Acorus  gramineus 'Ogon' NCG 722 Acorus gramineus 'Ogon'
Plant 1 x small barerooted clump


Golden Japanese rush, Variegated slender sweet flag

Although strictly speaking a marginal pond plant, this small and attractive grass-like plant will grow successfully in almost any reasonable, moist soil - in fact it seems quite content in quite dry spots in my garden. It produces strongly variegated, green and yellow, fan-shaped tufts of stiff, aromatic foliage and…

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Actaea simplex 'Black Negligee' NCG 756 Actaea simplex 'Black Negligee'
Seed 1 x packet (30 seeds approx.)



Formerly known as Cimicifuga racemosa, this tall, dynamic plant produces bold cut foliage of a deep burgundy colour - almost black. Racemes of tiny, white or pinkish flowers appear on tall, arching stems in summer. Highly recommended.

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Adenophora latifolia 'Amethyst' NCG 224 Adenophora latifolia 'Amethyst'
Seed 1 packet



Sometimes confused with campanula, to which it is related, this plant is more delicate. It has nodding bells in a lovely soft shade of violet-blue, borne on straight stems with dark-green toothed foliage.

NOTE: The plants have a rather scrambling root system and are difficult to split tidily.…

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Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop' NCG 499 Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop'

Sold out for now

Description coming soon.

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Agapanthus campanulatus var. albidus NCG 087 Agapanthus campanulatus var. albidus
Seed 1 packet - 100 seeds approx.
Ex. albidus (see note re. seeds)

Plant 1 x young plant (9cm pot or equiv.)
Limited stock

White bell agapanthus

Given the right conditions - full sun and rich, moisture retentive but well-drained soil, this deciduous form of Agapanthus will reward with lovely white blooms above bright green strap-like leaves, particularly if fed regularly. A good choice for large containers, but must be kept well-watered. Generally hardy, but may benefit…

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Agastache anisata NCG 700 Agastache anisata
Seed 1 packet - 100 seeds approx.


Anise hyssop, Licorice mint

Soft spikes of blue flowers adorn this pretty perennial wildflower throughout the summer, above strong stems with dark-green, nettle-like leaves. All parts of the plant have a strong scent of aniseed. Also known as Agastache foeniculum or Lophanthus anisatus.

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Agrostemma githago NCG 639 Agrostemma githago
Seed 1 packet - 100 seeds approx.


Corn cockle, Bastard nigella, Corn pink

This delightful annual wildflower has pink, five-petalled flowers surrounding by elongated calyxes, on strong, upright stems with narrow leaves. Should happily self-seed but unwanted plants are not difficult to remove.

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Agrostis nebulosa NCG 002 Agrostis nebulosa
Seed 1 packet

When you buy other items.

Cloud Grass, Fibre Optics Grass

Highly recommended!

As the seed heads emerge, they resemble fibre optics! Lovely plant for floral arrangements. Remove seedheads if you don't want the grass to self seed, but unlike some grasses is not difficult to control - roots are shallow so young, unwanted plants can be removed easily.

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Ajuga reptans NCG 420 Ajuga reptans
Plant 1 x plant (equiv. 9cm pot)


Creeping bugle

Creeping bugle is a low-growing, evergreen plant that is useful to provide ground cover or to grow between paving stones. It produces spikes of rich blue/purple flowers in Spring, above dark, sometimes almost black, foliage.

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Alcea rosea Ex. 'Jet Black' NCG 302 Alcea rosea Ex. 'Jet Black'
Seed 1 packet - 100 seeds approx.


Hollyhock, Ex. 'Jet Black'

Deepest, deepest red-purple - as close to black as you can get! Although strictly speaking a perennial, this very popular cottage garden plant is best treated as a biennial, particularly since it can be susceptible to rust. These are very tall plants and some support is recommended.

NOTE: Since…

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Alcea rosea, mixed NCG 005 Alcea rosea, mixed
Seed 1 packet, mixed


Seed 1 packet, Ex. white with purple eye


Seed 1 packet, Ex. pale cream


Seed 1 packet, Ex. very pale pink


Seed 1 packet, Ex. pure white


Seed 1 packet, Ex. pale yellow


Seed 1 packet, Ex. rich raspberry red


Seed 1 packet, Ex. extremely dark red


Seed 1 packet, Ex. apricot with red eye


Hollyhock, single

I am offering here not only mixed-colour seeds but a selection of packets containing seed collected from individual plants that I thought particularly pretty, but they cannot be guaranteed to come true. (NOTE: Seeds from black hollyhock are listed separately.)

Although strictly speaking a perennial, this very popular cottage…

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Alcea rugosa NCG 590 Alcea rugosa
Seed 1 packet - 30 seeds


Russian hollyhock, Yellow fig-leaved hollyhock

Very unusual hollyhock!

Hollyhocks, although strictly speaking perennials, are usually grown as biennials, chiefly because they are susceptible to rust. However, this pale-yellow-flowered variety, with fig-leaf shaped foliage, is said to be a true perennial, being less prone to rust. The flowers are distinctive in that, unlike other hollyhocks, they have a lobed…

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Alchemilla alpina NCG 585 Alchemilla alpina
Plant 1 x young plant (equiv. 9cm pot)
Very limited stock

Alpine lady's mantle

My favourite alchemilla - the delicate, deeply cut, silver edged leaves of this small plant are altogether more refined than those of other varieties. Lovely at the front of the border and useful in containers. Sprays of tiny yellow-green flowers on wiry stems appear in spring and summer.

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