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At times, especially during the summer, plants may be cut back or pinched out if they are too far advanced to ship whole. This encourages annuals and biennials to produce extra flowering stems, so no bad thing! Perennials will establish well for next year, but may or may not flower this year, depending on species. In some instances top growth may be woody or sparce (e.g. Anthemis tinctoria), but don't worry, the plants are perfectly healthy and will soon produce fresh foliage! Please contact me if you would like to enquire about specific plants.

Acer griseum AGM NCG 080 Acer griseum AGM
Seed 1 packet - 12 seeds


Paper Bark Maple

Sow immediately!

A small to medium sized ornamental tree which lends interest to the garden at all times of year. Small, yellow flowers appear in spring, followed by fresh green foliage in spring and summer, then spectacular orange, red and pink autumn foliage in autumn. At all times of year the chestnut-red…

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Acorus  gramineus 'Ogon' NCG 722 Acorus gramineus 'Ogon'
Plant 1 x small barerooted clump


Golden Japanese rush, Variegated slender sweet flag

Although strictly speaking a marginal pond plant, this small and attractive grass-like plant will grow successfully in almost any reasonable, moist soil - in fact it seems quite content in quite dry spots in my garden. It produces strongly variegated, green and yellow, fan-shaped tufts of stiff, aromatic foliage and…

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Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop' NCG 499 Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop'

Sold out for now

Description coming soon.

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Agrostis nebulosa NCG 002 Agrostis nebulosa
Seed 1 packet

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Cloud Grass, Fibre Optics Grass

Highly recommended!

As the seed heads emerge, they resemble fibre optics! Lovely plant for floral arrangements. Remove seedheads if you don't want the grass to self seed, but unlike some grasses is not difficult to control - roots are shallow so young, unwanted plants can be removed easily.

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Alchemilla alpina NCG 585 Alchemilla alpina
Plant 1 x young plant (equiv. 9cm pot)
Very limited stock

Alpine lady's mantle

My favourite alchemilla - the delicate, deeply cut, silver edged leaves of this small plant are altogether more refined than those of other varieties. Lovely at the front of the border and useful in containers. Sprays of tiny yellow-green flowers on wiry stems appear in spring and summer.

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Alchemilla erythropoda AGM NCG 313 Alchemilla erythropoda AGM
Plant 1 x young plant (9cm pot)
Very limited stock

Alpine alchemilla, Dwarf lady's mantle

Limited stock

Much daintier than the familiar Alchemilla mollis, this miniature variety looks lovely at the front of the border or in containers. Sprays of tiny yellow-green flowers on short, wiry, reddish stems appear in spring and summer.

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Allium vineale NCG 401 Allium vineale
Crow garlic

Currently unavailable

Although crow garlic is often considered a weed (the bulbils produced at the tip of the stems fall to the ground and can cause it to spread rather too eagerly!), if you don't have space to grow proper garlic but would like to add a hint of fresh garlic to…

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Aloe barbadensis NCG 846 Aloe barbadensis
Plant 1 x plant (9cm pot)


Aloe vera, Barbados aloe,

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Alstroemeria pulchella Syn. psittacina 'Mona Lisa' NCG 462 Alstroemeria pulchella Syn. psittacina 'Mona Lisa'
Seed 1 packet - 10 seeds


Lily of the Incas, Peruvian Lily, Parrot lily

Unlike many other Peruvian lilies, 'Mona Lisa' is known to come true from seed. It makes a wonderful cut flower (if you can bear to remove it from the garden!), with large heads of dark-red, speckled flowers with tinges of green on strong, straight stems with glossy foliage. Prefers soil…

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Ampelopsis glandulosa var. brevipedunculata NCG 148 Ampelopsis glandulosa var. brevipedunculata
Seed 1 packet - 12 seeds


Porcelain berry

Lovely climber for a warm wall!

This vine-like plant is attractive in all respects, but particularly for its stunningly coloured berries, which range from soft blue-green through turquoise to purple. It grows vigorously in the right conditions. Positioning on a sheltered south-facing wall in poorish soil and restricting root growth gives the best environment for reliable…

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Anemanthele lessoniana NCG 749 Anemanthele lessoniana
Seed 1 packet


Pheasant's tail grass

Syn. Stipa arundinacea - full description soon.

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Anthemis nobilis 'Treneague' NCG 319 Anthemis nobilis 'Treneague'
Lawn chamomile

Sorry - currently unavailable

This low-growing, non-flowering form of chamomile is traditionally used to make the highly-scented, traditional 'chamomile' lawn', but can also be used in smaller quantities, dotted around in rockeries, at the front of beds or near paths where, when trodden on or brushed against, it releases its distinctive, apple-like fragrance. I…

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Apium graveolens secalinum NCG 236 Apium graveolens secalinum
Seed 1 packet


Leaf celery, Wild celery, 'Par-Cel', Smallage

Looking almost identical to flat leaved parsley, all parts of this plant have a strong celery scent and flavour. Add a sprig or finely chopped leaves to stocks and sauces. The insignificant flowers are white, followed by masses of seed, which can be used to make celery salt (hover over…

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Aquilegia vulgaris, various NCG 298 Aquilegia vulgaris, various
Seed 1 packet, mixed


Granny's bonnet, various

A mixture of single, double and ruffled plants or seeds in a variety of colours - dark-purple, blue, white and pink. I'm also offering packets containing seeds from specific plants, but there may be some cross-pollination.

Note: Plants, when offered, may be bare-rooted, depending on season.

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Asparagus officinalis NCG 400 Asparagus officinalis
Seed 1 packet - 100 seeds approx.


Garden asparagus

Growing this delicious and exceedingly healthy vegetable from seed might seem a strange idea, since there is a long wait before even crowns can be harvested. Seed-grown asparagus means another year's wait, but the plants will tend to be stronger and healthier than those from bare-rooted crowns that may have…

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Astrantia major 'Sunningdale Variegated' NCG 539 Astrantia major 'Sunningdale Variegated'
Plant 1 x young plant
Limited stock

Masterwort 'Sunningdale Variegated'

Limited stock

This lovely astrantia produces masses of the usual pincushion blooms, which are pink with green tinges. But it really comes into its own in early spring, when the young foliage has strong white and green variegation. The white changes to cream and then yellow as the season progresses, and eventually…

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Astrantia major subsp. involucrata 'Shaggy' AGM NCG 012 Astrantia major subsp. involucrata 'Shaggy' AGM
Seed 1 packet - 50 seeds approx


Masterwort 'Shaggy' (a.k.a. 'Margery Fish')

This astrantia form, with its white pincushion blooms, which are tinted green, is happy in shade and is said to repel slugs, so try planting near hostas. Makes a very good cut flower which lasts well and also can usually be successfully dried for winter arrangements. Although harvested from plants…

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Astrantia mixed NCG 069 Astrantia mixed
Seed 1 packet


Plant 1 x plant (9cm pot)


Masterwort, mixed

This astrantia mix should produce pincushion blooms which are pink or white with green tinges. It is happy in shade and is said to repel slugs, so try planting near hostas. Makes a very good cut flower which lasts well and also can usually be successfully dried for winter arrangements.

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Barbarea verna NCG 091 Barbarea verna
Seed 1 packet


American land cress, Winter Cress, Wild Rocket

Vitamin packed!

Perhaps the best thing about wild rocket is that (as its other common name makes clear!) it produces lush foliage at times when other salad plants are not available. Its strong, pungent flavour is not dissimilar to water cress. Finely chopped, it makes an interesting addition to sandwiches. Treat as…

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Bupleurum rotundifolium 'Griffithii' NCG 171 Bupleurum rotundifolium 'Griffithii'
Seed 1 packet - 200 seeds approx


Common Hare's Ear

Lovely in flower arrangements!

A very useful filler both in the flower beds and in flower arrangements (fresh or dried), this plant resembles euphorbia, but without the irritating, milky sap. The foliage is bluish-green and the tiny flowers a vivid yellow-green. Gently self-seeds.

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