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All greetings cards are 145mm x 145mm. printed on high quality card, supplied with white envelopes. Individual cards are each sealed in a cello bag, but packs of 10 or more are wrapped together. They are blank inside for you to write your own appropriate message. (Please note that watermarks on the zoomed images are for copyright purposes and are not on the actual cards!)

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Little Wissey Bridge £ 1.25
The little footbridge that crosses the River Wissey is one of my favourite spots. It is particularly picturesque when snow lies on the ground - although this is an increasingly rare occurrance!

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Frosty Rosehips £ 1.25
Named after River Windrush in the Cotswolds, Rosa 'Windrush' is rather thorny medium-sized shrub rose with pale yellow semi-double flowers which have a generous bunch of deep yellow stamens at their centres. When regularly dead-headed it will continue to bloom over a long period, but this is at the expense of large, round, orange hips in autumn.

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Snowdrops in Thawing Snow £ 1.25
The common snowdrop, Galanthus nivalis, brings alive the hope and prayer that perhaps Spring is not too far away!

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St Andrew's Church, Northwold £ 1.25
St Andrew's, pictured here in the background, is situated in the heart of the village of Northwold, in Norfolk. The church is central to this attractive village and its community. The only Grade I listed building in the village, it has stood for around 800 years and is noted for its beautiful chalk Easter Sepulchre. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book as Nortwalde, part of the Hundred of Grimshoe. To read about the fascinating history of St Andrew's Church, please visit the church's website.

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Tulip Rows near Marham, Norfolk £ 1.25
Description coming soon.

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Campanula lactiflora - Milky Bellflower £ 1.25
This tall but delicate campanula is a beauty, and is enhanced here by a scattering of raindrops after a summer shower. The original plant was given to me some years ago by a neighbour - thanks, Val! - and there are now self-seeded plants in the garden. They occasionally produce a pure white form. Seeds are available here. A plant that is easy to grow and is highly recommended.

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Aeshna Isoceles - Norfolk Hawker Dragonfly £ 1.25
It was a rare treat to see this dragongfly, which is on the endangered species list, perched on an opium poppy seedhead near the pond. Although it is found in other parts of Europe and in East Africa, Norfolk is the only part of the UK in which it makes its home.

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Papaver orientale 'Patty's Plum' £ 1.25
Description coming soon.

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Wissey Reflections £ 1.25
This image of autumnal reflections, taken at the Little Wissey in Northwold, Norfolk, looks more like a painting than a photograph, but this is exactly as it appeared in real life!

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Here's Looking at Ewe £ 1.25
Description coming soon.

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Old Fashioned Rose £ 1.25
Description coming soon.

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Acanthus hungaricus - Bear's Britches £ 1.25
Description coming soon.

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Papaver orientale - Orange Oriental Poppy £ 1.25
Description coming soon.

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Rosa 'Compte de Chambord' £ 1.25
Description coming soon.

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Nigella damascena 'Persian Jewels' £ 1.25
A favourite cottage garden plant, Nigella damascena is closely related to Nigella sativa, which is the source of black cumin, a seed used extensively in Asian and Eastern cuisine. Nigella damascena seeds have a very similar flavour and are also edible.

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Meeting of the Mallards £ 1.25
A conspiracy of Mallard ducks planning world domination.

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Ornamental Quince 'Geisha Girl' £ 1.25
The clusters of peach-coloured flowers of this delightful form of Chaenomeles speciosa resemble miniature bouquets. Seeds gathered from this variety are available from the shop. Although they will not necessarily come true, all the ornamental quinces are very attractive, so you may find a gem!

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Frog £ 1.25
The European Common Frog (Rana temporaria) is a boon in the garden, since it loves many of the things a gardener hates! Frogs will eat many garden pests, including slugs, snails, mosquito larvae, flies and cockroaches. During the mating season in early spring the pond seethes and boils with scores of frogs, complete with a loud chorus of croaking. Unfortunately, one of our cats, Sophia, frequently brings young frogs (uninjured) into the house and if we don't catch her at it and rescue them, they are found months later under furniture, dried to a sad, shrivelled crisp.

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