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Dianthus barbatus Ex. nigrescens 'Sooty' NCG 432 Dianthus barbatus Ex. nigrescens 'Sooty'
Sweet William, black

These seeds were collected exclusively from this variety but it cannot be guaranteed that all will breed true, though they should produce a high proportion of dark-red to almost black blooms. Although strictly speaking a short-lived perennial, usually treated as a biennial.

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Dianthus chinensis 'Chianti Double' NCG 645 Dianthus chinensis 'Chianti Double'
Chinese pink

This pretty traditional cottage garden plant is long-flowering, producing masses of small, burgundy blooms with white edges. A good cut flower for posies.

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Dianthus gratianopolitanus NCG 172 Dianthus gratianopolitanus
Cheddar pink

With its low-growing mat of grey-green foliage studded and fragrant pink flowers with finely toothed petals, this is a perfect plant for an alpine bed or anywhere warm and tending to dryness. The foliage habit and colour can be a little variable, sometimes a little less or more grey-green and…

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Dicentra formosa oregona 'Pearl Drops' NCG 422 Dicentra formosa oregona 'Pearl Drops'
Wild bleeding heart

This wild form of dicentra is less well-known than the spectabilis species, but no less attractive. The familiar heart-shaped blooms are creamy-white, usually with pink tips, appearing in profusion in spring above very attractive, glaucous, finely divided foliage. A lovely plant to grow in shade or part shade. It tends…

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Dierama species mixed NCG 446 Dierama species mixed
Angel's Fishing Rod

Description coming later.

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Digitalis ferruginea gigantea 'Gelber Herold' NCG 620 Digitalis ferruginea gigantea 'Gelber Herold'
Rusty foxglove 'Gelber Herold'

A tall, dynamic variety of rusty foxglove that looks spectacular when grown en masse! Much recommended, but please note that although classified as a perennial, it is generally short-lived and shorter in stature in subsequent years if it does survive, so it is best to sow every year.

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Digitalis grandiflora 'Carillon' NCG 692 Digitalis grandiflora 'Carillon'
Dwarf yellow foxglove

This diminutive yellow-flowered foxglove is compact and sturdy. It is happiest in semi-shade but will tolerate both deeper shade and sunnier positions. Flowering for most of the summer, the blooms are a soft pale-yellow. Well-drained, humus-rich soils are recommended for best results.

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Digitalis grandiflora ambigua/macrantha AGM NCG 223 Digitalis grandiflora ambigua/macrantha AGM
Large yellow foxglove, Cream-coloured foxglove

This stunning plant is a perennial, but generally short-lived, so best treated as a biennial. Tall spikes of soft yellow, speckled flowers rise above a rosette of dark green leaves. It is lovely in a woodland setting, where the blooms light up shady corners, but will tolerate sun.

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Digitalis lutea NCG 180 Digitalis lutea
Small foxglove

A lovely plant for woodland areas. Small, tubular yellow blooms are borne on delicate spikes - a much more dainty plant in all respects than the common pink foxglove. Although it will tolerate both sun and dry soil, this plant is happiest in rich, moist soil and dappled shade. Digitalis…

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Digitalis mertonensis NCG 128 Digitalis mertonensis
Strawberry foxglove

This delightful cottage garden plant is a cross between the common digitalis purpurea and a yellow flowered variety, digitalis grandiflora. The result is warm pink, speckled flowers that are larger than the traditional foxglove. This is a short-lived perennial that should come true from seed if common foxgloves are not…

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Digitalis obscura NCG 455 Digitalis obscura
Willow-leaved foxglove, Dusky maid, Sunset foxglove

This rare and most striking, foxglove originates from the mountains of Spain and is also found in parts of Africa. Generally a little shorter than most other digitalis varieties, the flowers are exquisitely coloured in shades of russet, burnt-orange and red, complemented by evergreen, narrow-leaved foliage. In the right environment…

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Digitalis parviflora Jacq. NCG 362 Digitalis parviflora Jacq.
Chocolate Soldier, Small-flowered foxglove

A most unusual foxglove, and like most digitalis, usually treated as a biennial, although it can survive as a short-lived perennial. This variety produces flower spikes of densely-packed, chocolate-coloured, tubular flowers about 2cm in length, above basal rosettes of attractive, slightly glossy, dark-green foliage. It will happily self-seed in a…

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Digitalis purpurea NCG 447 Digitalis purpurea

This, the original, wild form of the traditional cottage garden biennial plant, will be familiar to all, with its tall spires of blooms in a variety of pink shades above rosettes of large, mid-green leaves. The flowers are much loved by pollinating insects, especially bumble bees.

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Digitalis purpurea 'Apricot' NCG 346 Digitalis purpurea 'Apricot'
Apricot foxglove

The traditional cottage garden foxglove comes in many colours and this, with its warm, pale pink spikes, is one of my favourites! Note: Externally sourced seeds.

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Digitalis purpurea 'Pam's Choice' NCG 664 Digitalis purpurea 'Pam's Choice'
Foxglove 'Pam's Choice'

A two-toned foxglove, white with strongly contrasting, dark-maroon speckling in the throat.

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Digitalis purpurea Ex. f. albiflora NCG 248 Digitalis purpurea Ex. f. albiflora
White Foxglove

An attractive white form of the familiar cottage garden foxglove. Seed is collected only from pure white plants but may not all come true - sowing more than you need and discarding young plants with red tinges at the base of leaves should help you obtain white plants. When plants…

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Digitalis purpurea subsp. heywoodii 'Silver Cub' NCG 523 Digitalis purpurea subsp. heywoodii 'Silver Cub'
Foxglove 'Silver Cub'

The beautiful white flower spikes of this variety are enhanced by the foliage, which is covered in fine white hairs, giving a silvery appearance and silky to the touch. Can be grown as an annual, flowering in its first year if sown in January or February.

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Eccremocarpus syn. Calampelis scaber NCG 673 Eccremocarpus syn. Calampelis scaber
Chilean Glory Flower

A lovely climber with attractive, divided, mid-green foliage and masses of small, tubular blooms in shades from deep-red to orange from late spring and well into autumn. If grown in a sheltered position it will sometimes survive a mild winter in the UK, but is more usually grown as a…

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Echinacea purpurea NCG 021 Echinacea purpurea
Purple cone flower

Much-loved by butterflies and other pollinating insects, this dynamic plant produces clumps of dark-green, somewhat hairy leaves from which large, daisies with rather lax, purple petals and brown, conical central discs grow, on tall, straight stems. Echinacea prefers full sun, but will tolerate part-shade. Echinacea is said to have immune-system…

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Echinacea purpurea 'White Swan' NCG 442 Echinacea purpurea 'White Swan'
White cone flower

Much-loved by butterflies and other pollinating insects, the white version of this dynamic plant produces clumps of dark-green, rather hairy leaves from which large, daisies with rather lax, white petals and brown, conical central discs grow, on tall, straight stems. Echinacea prefers full sun, but will tolerate part-shade. Echinacea is…

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