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Linaria reticulata 'Flamenco' NCG 777 Linaria reticulata 'Flamenco'
Annual toadflax 'Flamenco'

This versatile little annual, which is native to North Africa, but easy to grow in our climate, should be better known! The blooms, which are a striking fuchsia-red with bright yellow lips - looking rather like miniature snapdragons - keep coming for many months in summer. Seldom exceeding 12 in/30…

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Lupinus x russellii 'Chandelier' NCG 797 Lupinus x russellii 'Chandelier'
Lupin, Russell strain 'Chandelier'

A superior hybrid variety of the popular cottage garden plant, this lupin, which is also known as 'Kronleuchter', produces tall spikes of golden-yellow flowers in late spring/early summer.

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Lysimachia ciliata 'Firecracker' NCG 394 Lysimachia ciliata 'Firecracker'
Loosestrife 'Firecracker'

The picture does not really do this plant justice. Attractive, deep-purple rosettes of rounded leaves appear in early spring, followed by tall spikes of more pointed leaves which bear small, yellow, star-shaped flowers along their length. Although moist - even wet - soil is recommended, mine grow in a dry,…

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Malvastrum Syn. Modiolastrum lateritium NCG 597 Malvastrum Syn. Modiolastrum lateritium
False mallow

This lovely plant deserves to be better known! Originating from South America, it is spectacular when given the right conditions. It is happiest growing in a hot, very sunny situation in well-drained soil, where it can be allowed either to creep over the ground or be trained up a brick…

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Meconopsis cambrica NCG 036 Meconopsis cambrica
Welsh Poppy

This beautiful wild flower has clear yellow flowers - often with crinkled petals - and bright green foliage that lights up dark areas. Ours found their place under the apple trees.

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Melothria scabra NCG 726 Melothria scabra

Looking for all the world like miniature watermelons, these bite-sized cucumbers are full of flavour, with a hint of lime! Usually grown as an annual, but see growing instructions below.

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Mimulus x hybridus, mixed NCG 090 Mimulus x hybridus, mixed
Mimulus, Monkey Flower, mixed

A very useful plant for front of borders, baskets and other containers. The flowers are mostly yellow and red, but occasonally orange or cream. Although strictly speaking a perennial, best treated as an annual. For best results, ensure that the plants receive adequate water supplies, and cut back after flowering…

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Mina Syn. Ipomoea lobata Syn. versicolor 'Exotic Love' NCG 027 Mina Syn. Ipomoea lobata Syn. versicolor 'Exotic Love'
Mina Lobata, Spanish Flag

Recently re-classified as a member of the Ipomoea genus (Ipomoea versicolor) and sometimes referred to as Quamoclit lobata, but still more widely recognised as Mina lobata... whatever you prefer to call it, this stunning half-hardy annual climbing plant is a must! Attractive foliage is followed by spikes of flowers that…

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Nasturtium peregrinum NCG 528 Nasturtium peregrinum
Canary creeper

This pretty annual climber will happily scramble over fences and trellis, though you may wish to provide some string to help it on its way. The pretty, fringed, yellow flowers appear in profusion during the summer and the lobed, pale-green foliage is also very attractive. Good for hiding eyesores!

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Nicotiana langsdorffii AGM NCG 099 Nicotiana langsdorffii AGM
Tobacco plant (langsdorffii)

This unusual tobacco plant first appeared in the garden in the summer of 2011. Height is variable, but can reach 1metre or more, with many branching stems bearing masses of narrow, tubular flowers which are greenish-yellow, with small, usually red-tinged, lips.

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Nigella orientalis NCG 823 Nigella orientalis
Yellow fennel flower, Yellow Love-in-a-Mist

Description coming soon.

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Oenothera biennis NCG 470 Oenothera biennis
Evening primrose

Although generally thought of as a biennial, this favourite herbal and garden flower often survives as a perennial. In its second year of growth it produces masses of bright yellow blooms, which are delicately scented, on tall, branching stems.

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Oenothera glazioviana NCG 736 Oenothera glazioviana
Large-flowered evening primrose

A biennial growing up to 1.5m tall, producing a basal rosette of crinkly leaves in the first year, followed by yellow blooms in the following year, which open from late afternoon to evening. Unlike its sister, O. biennis, the buds are reddish in colour.

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Oenothera odorata 'Apricot Delight' NCG 271 Oenothera odorata 'Apricot Delight'
Evening Primrose 'Apricot Delight'

The blooms of this (sometimes short-lived) perennial variety of evening primrose are scented in the evenings, the fragrance being reminiscent of a combination of lemons and lilies. It has a rather more lax, open habit than the more common Oenothera biennis. The flower buds are a soft creamy-yellow, darkening to…

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Oxalis corniculata NCG 865 Oxalis corniculata
Creeping wood sorrel

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Oxalis corniculata var. atropurpurea NCG 514 Oxalis corniculata var. atropurpurea
Bronze leaved yellow sorrel, Procumbent yellow sorrel

A low-growing plant with dark, bronze-red leaves and small yellow flowers followed by upright seed capsules, this variety of oxalis, which is perennial, can be invasive more due to self-seeding than its creeping habit, but if kept in check is a valuable addition to the garden. It grows well in…

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Paeonia daurica subsp. mlokosewitschii AGM NCG 260 Paeonia daurica subsp. mlokosewitschii AGM
Peony 'Molly the Witch'

This gorgeous paeony, with its blue-green foliage and large, soft creamy-yellow flowers and rich golden stamens, followed by interesting seed pods that are crimson red inside with blue-black seeds, is a much recommended herbaceous perennial. Note: Seeds harvested August 2018. They will be supplied in damp compost or vermiculite to…

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Paeonia lutea syn. delavayi var ludlowii NCG 315 Paeonia lutea syn. delavayi var ludlowii
Ludlow's tree peony, Yellow tree peony

This delightful plant is usually sold when much older - and far more expensive! But my own was self sown and flowered within four years, so if carefully looked after, these young plants should reward with their first blooms, which are single and a lovely clear yellow, within two years.…

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Papaver miyabeanum NCG 502 Papaver miyabeanum
Japanese poppy

Although strictly speaking a perennial, this very pretty alpine poppy is best treated as an annual or biennial. Just a few inches tall, with soft greenish-yellow blooms and basal rosettes of attractive, deeply divided foliage, followed by lovely seed heads, this is a pretty plant for containers or a rock…

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Potentilla recta sulphurea 'Pallida' AGM NCG 424 Potentilla recta sulphurea 'Pallida' AGM

This pale-yellow variety of cinquefoil is a wildflower that makes a lovely addition to the cottage garden but is relatively unknown and rarely to be found for sale. It flowers for many months, from Spring and right through to the first frosts. Will gently self-seed. The colour can vary a…

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