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Lathyrus latifolius 'Albus' NCG 031 Lathyrus latifolius 'Albus'
White everlasting sweet pea

Although unscented, the everlasting sweet pea is most attractive grown against a sunny wall, trellis or fence - or permitted to grow through a large shrub or small tree - and provides masses of flower stems. Very suitable for cutting. These seeds are gathered from Lathyrus latifolius 'Alba' and are…

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Lathyrus odoratus NCG 030 Lathyrus odoratus
Mixed Sweet Pea

This mixture of sweet peas in pink, red, blue, mauve and maybe occasionally pale yellow (lathyrus chloranthus). Something of a Jamboree bag, but will no doubt produce some attractive plants and all will complement each other!

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Lathyrus rotundifolius NCG 538 Lathyrus rotundifolius
Persian Everlasting Pea

A lovely small perennial sweet pea with small, coral-red blooms and rounded foliage. Ideal for growing over small structures or permitted to climb through medium-sized shrubs. Just a few small plants available. The blooms are unscented, but very attractive.

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Lathyrus Syn. Orobus vernus NCG 468 Lathyrus Syn. Orobus vernus
Spring pea, Spring vetchling

A lovely mound of reddish-purple pea blooms in spring, maturing to purple-blue. A lovely addition to the woodland garden!

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Lavandula angustifolia NCG 397 Lavandula angustifolia
English Lavender

Although lavender seed will not come true, but will produce plants with some variation in colour and form, unless you plan to make a formal feature in your garden this can be a plus... a mass planting of lavender grown from seed, with colours ranging from light mauve to deep…

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Lavandula multifida NCG 657 Lavandula multifida
Fernleaf lavender, Oregano-scented Lavender

A fast growing lavender with finely divided grey-green foliage and delicate, deep-purple flowers spikes. A very pretty filler for any sunny spot in the garden. Happily self-seeds. I have classified it as a half-annual because although some sources say it is perennial, in my experience it does not survive UK…

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Lavandula stoechas NCG 450 Lavandula stoechas
French lavender

The true French lavender. Heads of tiny fragrant purple flowers topped by rosy-purple tracts in late spring and summer. Very aromatic.

NOTE: Plants offered winter 2018/19 are best overwintered in a frost-free greenhouse.

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Leucanthemella serotina NCG 168 Leucanthemella serotina
Autumn Ox Eye, High Daisy, Giant Daisy

Masses of white daisy flowers about 2 inches across top this tall plant, which is more delicate than the related Leucanthemum superbum. The stems are taller and less lax, seldom needing support. Much recommended, both for the back of the border and as a cut flower.


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Leucanthemum  x superbum NCG 254 Leucanthemum x superbum
Shasta Daisy

Welcome colour at the back end of the year - masses of white daisies 3-4in across in late summer/early autumn, held on tall stems clothed in small, rather shiny, toothed dark-green leaves. Perfect for the back of the border, where it will quickly form a large clump. The stems can…

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Levisticum officinale NCG 541 Levisticum officinale

Description coming soon.

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Leycesteria formosa NCG 070 Leycesteria formosa
Pheasant Berry

The stems of this most unusual-looking plant resemble bamboo and are a feature in the winter garden. However, they should be cut back hard in spring to encourage new, bushy growth. The flowers are small, appearing as nodding bunches surrounded by dark-maroon bracts, followed by reddish-brown berries which are not…

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Lilium lancifolium 'Flore Pleno' NCG 596 Lilium lancifolium 'Flore Pleno'
Double Tiger lily

This stunning double lily has orange double flowers with brown spots.

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Linaria purpurea NCG 164 Linaria purpurea
Perennial Toadflax

This delightful plant with its tall spikes of tiny purple or pink flowers resembling miniature snapdragons, which appear from a basal clump of fine, grey-green leaves, is attractive not only to right-minded humans, but to wildlife... it is much loved by butterflies and bees. It flowers from June right through…

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Linum narbonense 'Heavenly Blue' AGM NCG 367 Linum narbonense 'Heavenly Blue' AGM
Perennial flax 'Heavenly Blue'

This charming, usually short-lived, perennial produces masses of clear blue flowers an inch in diameter and dark-green foliage on wiry stems. The flowers last only a day, but new buds burst daily too, so during summer the plant is always full of colour. It will self-seed but is not a…

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Linum perenne 'Blue Sapphire' NCG 483 Linum perenne 'Blue Sapphire'
Perennial flax 'Blue Sapphire'

This compact form of perennial flax is a cottage garden favourite, with ferny foliage and masses of sky-blue flowers from late spring and right through the summer. It works well as an edging plant, in containers and for naturalising in wildlife gardens. Although short-lived, it will gently self-seed. Established plants…

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Linum perenne Nanum Album 'Diamant' NCG 623 Linum perenne Nanum Album 'Diamant'
White perennial flax

Description coming soon. Externally sourced seeds.

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Liriope muscari 'Royal Purple' AGM NCG 252 Liriope muscari 'Royal Purple' AGM
Big blue lilyturf

Happiest in part shade and moist soil, Liriope offers interest all year round. It forms clumps of glossy, evergreen, strap-like leaves, which contrast well with spikes of deep purple flowers from late summer and into the autumn. These are followed by glossy black berries. Growing up to about 1 foot…

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Lobelia siphilitica NCG 601 Lobelia siphilitica
Great Blue Lobelia

This stately plant, which originates from Northern America, has tall spires of rich-blue or violet, tubular flowers above rosettes of dark green leaves. It much loved by pollinating insects but on the other hand is said to be a herbivore deterrent, which, if it works, will be useful to gardeners…

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Lupinus arboreus alba NCG 494 Lupinus arboreus alba
White Tree Lupin

This variety of tree lupin bears masses of beautiful white flower spikes in early summer. Although generally short-lived, plants produced from early-spring sowings can attain 2m in their first year, so casualties can be replaced very easily.

NOTE: Externally sourced seeds.

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Lupinus polyphyllus, mixed NCG 371 Lupinus polyphyllus, mixed
Lupin - mixed

A popular cottage garden plant, the lupin produces tall spikes of bi-coloured flowers in a variety of shades in late spring/early summer.

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