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Galanthus nivalis NCG 533 Galanthus nivalis
Common snowdrop

Snowdrops, with their delicately green-tipped white flowers, flower in late winter/early spring and look beautiful naturalised in drifts under trees, but will be happy in most other locations, including containers. Bulbs offered will be sourced to order from my various patches of naturalised snowdrops and delivered potted, so that there…

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Galium odoratum NCG 737 Galium odoratum
Sweet woodruff, Sweet-scented bedstraw

A useful low-growing ground cover plant for shady areas. Tiny white flowers above bright-green divided foliage. Forms a dense mat of fine roots, so also useful for stabilising light soils on slopes.Can be invasive, so site carefully.

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Iris setosa var arctica NCG 243 Iris setosa var arctica
Dwarf Arctic iris

This sweet little iris, standing only a few inches tall, has pale blue flowers with striking veins, and are yellow at the centre, fading to silver. The blooms appear above green, spear-shaped leaves.

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Lathyrus Syn. Orobus vernus NCG 468 Lathyrus Syn. Orobus vernus
Spring pea, Spring vetchling

A lovely mound of reddish-purple pea blooms in spring, maturing to purple-blue. A lovely addition to the woodland garden!

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Linaria purpurea NCG 164 Linaria purpurea
Perennial Toadflax

This delightful plant with its tall spikes of tiny purple or pink flowers resembling miniature snapdragons, which appear from a basal clump of fine, grey-green leaves, is attractive not only to right-minded humans, but to wildlife... it is much loved by butterflies and bees. It flowers from June right through…

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Linum perenne 'Blue Sapphire' NCG 483 Linum perenne 'Blue Sapphire'
Perennial flax 'Blue Sapphire'

This compact form of perennial flax is a cottage garden favourite, with ferny foliage and masses of sky-blue flowers from late spring and right through the summer. It works well as an edging plant, in containers and for naturalising in wildlife gardens. Although short-lived, it will gently self-seed. Established plants…

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Linum  usitatissimum NCG 034 Linum usitatissimum
Common Flax, Linseed

The delicate flowers of this dainty plant are sky-blue or white, on fine, grey-blue foliage - a delight to see en masse! Ours appeared from nowhere in my hot bed (flax is grown in the fields nearby, so the seeds were, no doubt, brought in by birds). Despite the fact…

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Monarda fistulosa 'Bergamot' NCG 485 Monarda fistulosa 'Bergamot'
Wild Bergamot, Bee Balm, Horsemint, Oswego Tea

A beautiful perennial well known as a medicinal herb and for flavouring Earl Grey tea. The masses of pale-mauve blooms are very attractive to butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects, The foliage is scented.

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Nigella sativa NCG 380 Nigella sativa
Fennel Flower, Nutmeg Flower, Roman Coriander, False Black Cumin, Black Seed

Similar in many respects to the more familiar Nigella damascena (Love in a Mist), but the flowers are smaller and usually white, occasionally pale blue, on delicate stems clothed in very finely divided foliage. In Asian countries the seeds are traditionally used in rice dishes and confectionery. They are also…

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Oenothera biennis NCG 470 Oenothera biennis
Evening primrose

Although generally thought of as a biennial, this favourite herbal and garden flower often survives as a perennial. In its second year of growth it produces masses of bright yellow blooms, which are delicately scented, on tall, branching stems.

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Onopordum acanthium NCG 222 Onopordum acanthium
Scotch Thistle, Scottish Thistle

I don't generally welcome thistles in the garden, but this is an exception! This huge, ornamental thistle, which can reach 3 metres tall and a metre across, has spiny, silver-green leaves on a thick, branching stem, from which beautiful spherical buds develop, opening to gigantic pinkish-purple thistle flowers which are…

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Oxalis corniculata NCG 865 Oxalis corniculata
Creeping wood sorrel

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Oxalis corniculata var. atropurpurea NCG 514 Oxalis corniculata var. atropurpurea
Bronze leaved yellow sorrel, Procumbent yellow sorrel

A low-growing plant with dark, bronze-red leaves and small yellow flowers followed by upright seed capsules, this variety of oxalis, which is perennial, can be invasive more due to self-seeding than its creeping habit, but if kept in check is a valuable addition to the garden. It grows well in…

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Panicum elegans 'Frosted Explosion' NCG 002 Panicum elegans 'Frosted Explosion'
Switch grass 'Frosted Explosion'

As the seed heads emerge, they resemble fibre optics! Lovely plant for floral arrangements. Remove seedheads if you don't want the grass to self seed, but unlike some grasses is not difficult to control - roots are shallow so young, unwanted plants can be removed easily.

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Papaver  cambricum NCG 036 Papaver cambricum
Welsh Poppy

This beautiful wild flower has clear yellow flowers - often with crinkled petals - and bright green foliage that lights up dark areas. Ours found their place under the apple trees. Recently renamed from Meconopsis cambrica.

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Papaver miyabeanum NCG 502 Papaver miyabeanum
Japanese poppy

Although strictly speaking a perennial, this very pretty alpine poppy is best treated as an annual or biennial. Just a few inches tall, with soft greenish-yellow blooms and basal rosettes of attractive, deeply divided foliage, followed by lovely seed heads, this is a pretty plant for containers or a rock…

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Papaver rhoeas - various NCG 096 Papaver rhoeas - various
Poppy Mixture

This is a mixture of Field, Ladybird (black-eyed), white-eyed and possibly other similar poppies. Most will be red, but there may be the occasional deep pink or pastel variety. They look lovely planted in drifts towards the front of the border.

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Papaver somniferum, red, single NCG 040 Papaver somniferum, red, single
Opium Poppy, red, single

Harvested from deep-coral-pink plants with a darker eye and occasional fringes, but although common varieties growing near these were removed as soon as identified, it cannot be guaranteed that all these seeds will breed true - however, a very reasonable proportion should do so.

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Papaver somniferum, single, mauve NCG 330 Papaver somniferum, single, mauve
Opium Poppy, single, mauve

The flowers of the familiar opium poppy are often pale purple-pink, but are quite variable, with colours varying from almost white to dark purple-pink and sometimes shades of salmon-pink. The darkness of the blotch at the centre of the flowers can also be variable. The seeds of are widely used…

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Primula vulgaris NCG 375 Primula vulgaris
Common primrose

Spring would not be Spring without the primrose! The soft yellow blooms of this familiar native wildflower arise on short stems from basal rosettes of crinkly, light-green leaves. Seeds itself around happily but is not difficult to control.

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